About us

MEP Czech Republic z.s. is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation that aims to raise political awareness, battle social and political apathy, encourage youth participation and facilitate youth empowerment. We organise educative events that introduce participants to politics and various societal issues, in hopes of improving participants’ communicational skills, both verbal and non-verbal. Although we chose the “Model European Parliament” as our main form of operation, promoting the European Union is not our main objective.

Mission statement

Who are we?

The Czech Model European Parliament (CzechMEP) is a unique political simulation, with the aim to unite a diverse group of young people from all over Europe and help them thrive through alternative educational methods. Through a network of organisations, based in all 28 EU members states, as well as in the candidate and applicant countries, we put together both national and international events, where students can tackle global issues through organised debate and teamwork.

Aims and Impact

Focusing on the development of both communication and leadership skills, the CzechMEP guides its participants to grow a responsible and open-minded attitude towards themselves and their surroundings, as well as expanding their knowledge spectrum on world issues and EU functions. This stimulates the life-long development of constructive thinking, cooperative working style and global friendships.

How do we achieve all this?

Run by young people for young people, we offer our volunteers and participants the chance to find their role in our organisation and, whether as delegate, committee president, organiser or media team, grow from the experience while helping others achieve the same.