Below, there is the CzechMEP18 APPLICATION FORM. This year, the national MEP conference will take place in Prague in June, 7-10. High school students can participate as delegates and choose their preferred committee. 


Why should you apply?

Because you will …

  • experience European Politics
  • tackle the most imminent current issues in the EU legislation
  • attend an internationally recognised session, with a tradition all over the continent of more than 25 years (
  • five of you will be chosen to represent the Czech Republic in the upcoming international MEP session in Madrid, Spain
  • develop your soft skills, such as social graces, communication abilities, language skills, time management, teamwork and leadership traits
  • debate and practice your English
  • meet more people that are alike you

The content area of this years session is ENVIRONMENT with a focus on OCEANS. The World Oceans Day is on the second day of our session – on the 8th of June.

There will be six committees tackling various issues:

ITRE – The question of the Arctic area policy

ENVI – The question regarding Horizon 2020

DROI – The question of upholding freedom of media

SEDE – EU Russia black sea exploitation/militarisation

DEVE – The question of transparent and accountable management of natural resources in developing countries

ECON – The question of circular economy

More detailed description of the committees is in the Application form ⬆.

The format of the MEP resembles that of the actual European Parliament. Read more here.