Change Europe to your image – your voice matters!

Organised for students by students, CzechMEP is your opportunity to try European politics and influence the direction in which Europe is heading. Change the EU from inside out or try to stop others from doing so, listen and try to compromise or completely dismantle arguments of others, experience the backstage of European politics during unofficial debates, integrate and do it in your style. And if you succeed here, you will get a chance to take your agenda to an international level.

“The best thing you can do is the right thing; the next best thing you can do is the wrong thing; the worst thing you can do is nothing.” – Theodore Roosevelt

CzechMEP 2018: What’s it about?

Generally, MEP national sessions are held in many EU Member States. These sessions are, among others, serving as a platform, where five delegates are chosen to represent the country at an upcoming international MEP session. In Czech Republic, the secretariat of Gymnázium Jana Keplera had the privilege to choose these delegates. We’ve decided to hold a national MEP round every year, so that more students in the whole country have the chance to experience it.

This MEP session is going to be in June, at spectacular locations in the centre of Prague. There will be six committees, debating on current most prominent world issues. These are actually under consideration of the respective real EU Parliamentary Committee. This year, it is, among others, the question of upholding freedom of media and the question of a circular economy system.

The drafted resolution is then sent to the General Assembly. Each Committee then acts as the proposing committee to defend its own resolution. Delegates from outside the proposing Committee have the opportunity to improve and refine the resolution, debate upon it, attack it, and finally, vote on it.

Prague: the river view

Regional MEP

In April the regional round of the Model European Parliament will take place in Slovenia, the one relevant for us- MEP CSEE, and our two presidents (Prokop Martínek and Jiří Handzel) are leading the whole event with two other people. We wish them the best of luck! Delegations from Austria, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Hungary,Romania, Bulgaria and the candidate countries from Central and South-Eastern Europe will be there. They will focus on and address issues  in the context of this specific region. If you want to climb up the MEP ladder and experience as many different sessions as possible, as you can see there are plenty of options. In addition, with nominations for CPs or presidents, you can try out various positions and go through the system, so that when you come to the real European Parliament it will be “easy peasy” for you.

Adam Hoško

How to stand out

Recently, the Czech delegation headed to the Model of European Parliament in Berlin, Germany and had the chance to showcase their views and resolutions in government institutions of one of the biggest players in the European Union!
So how can you stand out in the committees or the General Assembly and have a chance to go to another country maybe even to the international Model European Parliament session? Try to first understand the perspective your opponent is coming from. Be patient and think about your question / contribution, on the GA maybe discuss it with your delegation so you don’t waste your question. Try to “think outside the box”, find an interesting connection to another problem, something that surprises people. Listen and try to link ideas together.
But is it just about the facts, the ability to find a compromise, or to plant deadly strike to another resolution by presenting an unquestionable argument? While you may be right, it’s important to sell it! Talk loudly, confidently, stand upright, look into the other persons eyes, and maybe add a funny note. When people see that you believe in yourself, you have half the work behind you!

– Adam Hoško (delegate at iMEP Tallinn and committee president at iMEP Paris)

German nationals

Last week, we returned from Berlin where we had represented the Czech Republic at the German national round of the Model European Parliament (MEP). Along with other guest-delegations – Luxembourg, Hungary and Austria, we were debating in German in committees that were dealing with some of the current topics discussed in the European Parliament. Or at least we attempted to do so… To master the “political” German is truly difficult, even those who have studied German since they were children say so. We’ve also widened our horizons in terms of the government system of Germany. Furthermore, we got to see many exclusive venues – the General Assembly was in the residency of the Federal Council of Germany (Bundesrat). Finally, we would like to say that we are very grateful that our school (Johannes Kepler Grammar School) made  this incredible experience possible and especially express our gratitude to Ms. Marková for her constant support.

– Adriana, František, Jiří and Julia

Czech Representatives in Tallinn

The Czech delegation has returned just over a week ago from the 48th international MEP (Model European Parliament) session in Tallinn, Estonia. We would like to congratulate the delegates (Adam Hoško, Anna Králová, Joseph Osborne, Sára Borzová and Sofie Gjuričová) as well as the committee president (Prokop Martínek) for representing our country successfully. The evaluations they received are indeed praiseful. Moreover, Adam and Anna were chosen to chair a committee at the upcoming international MEP session in Madrid. 
In their words:
“… so far the best week of my life. I could experience countless languages and cultures and found many good friends in very distant places. Besides bringing clarity to the inner workings of the European Parliament, MEPEST2018 managed to help me improve my debating and social skills as well. I am truly happy that I could participate and I would gladly do it again.”  (– Joe)
“… an unforgettable and enriching experience that widened my horizons. I expected the session to do so in my field of interest only (t.i. in what AFCO has dealt with), but it in fact did so in all others pretty equally.” (- Sofie)
For more information visit Model European Parliament Estonia.