CzechMEP 2018: What’s it about?

Generally, MEP national sessions are held in many EU Member States. These sessions are, among others, serving as a platform, where five delegates are chosen to represent the country at an upcoming international MEP session. In Czech Republic, the secretariat of Gymnázium Jana Keplera had the privilege to choose these delegates. We’ve decided to hold a national MEP round every year, so that more students in the whole country have the chance to experience it.

This MEP session is going to be in June, at spectacular locations in the centre of Prague. There will be six committees, debating on current most prominent world issues. These are actually under consideration of the respective real EU Parliamentary Committee. This year, it is, among others, the question of upholding freedom of media and the question of a circular economy system.

The drafted resolution is then sent to the General Assembly. Each Committee then acts as the proposing committee to defend its own resolution. Delegates from outside the proposing Committee have the opportunity to improve and refine the resolution, debate upon it, attack it, and finally, vote on it.

Prague: the river view

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