How to stand out

Recently, the Czech delegation headed to the Model of European Parliament in Berlin, Germany and had the chance to showcase their views and resolutions in government institutions of one of the biggest players in the European Union!
So how can you stand out in the committees or the General Assembly and have a chance to go to another country maybe even to the international Model European Parliament session? Try to first understand the perspective your opponent is coming from. Be patient and think about your question / contribution, on the GA maybe discuss it with your delegation so you don’t waste your question. Try to “think outside the box”, find an interesting connection to another problem, something that surprises people. Listen and try to link ideas together.
But is it just about the facts, the ability to find a compromise, or to plant deadly strike to another resolution by presenting an unquestionable argument? While you may be right, it’s important to sell it! Talk loudly, confidently, stand upright, look into the other persons eyes, and maybe add a funny note. When people see that you believe in yourself, you have half the work behind you!

– Adam Hoško (delegate at iMEP Tallinn and committee president at iMEP Paris)

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