German nationals

Last week, we returned from Berlin where we had represented the Czech Republic at the German national round of the Model European Parliament (MEP). Along with other guest-delegations – Luxembourg, Hungary and Austria, we were debating in German in committees that were dealing with some of the current topics discussed in the European Parliament. Or at least we attempted to do so… To master the “political” German is truly difficult, even those who have studied German since they were children say so. We’ve also widened our horizons in terms of the government system of Germany. Furthermore, we got to see many exclusive venues – the General Assembly was in the residency of the Federal Council of Germany (Bundesrat). Finally, we would like to say that we are very grateful that our school (Johannes Kepler Grammar School) made  this incredible experience possible and especially express our gratitude to Ms. Marková for her constant support.

– Adriana, František, Jiří and Julia

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