Czech Representatives in Tallinn

The Czech delegation has returned just over a week ago from the 48th international MEP (Model European Parliament) session in Tallinn, Estonia. We would like to congratulate the delegates (Adam Hoško, Anna Králová, Joseph Osborne, Sára Borzová and Sofie Gjuričová) as well as the committee president (Prokop Martínek) for representing our country successfully. The evaluations they received are indeed praiseful. Moreover, Adam and Anna were chosen to chair a committee at the upcoming international MEP session in Madrid. 
In their words:
“… so far the best week of my life. I could experience countless languages and cultures and found many good friends in very distant places. Besides bringing clarity to the inner workings of the European Parliament, MEPEST2018 managed to help me improve my debating and social skills as well. I am truly happy that I could participate and I would gladly do it again.”  (– Joe)
“… an unforgettable and enriching experience that widened my horizons. I expected the session to do so in my field of interest only (t.i. in what AFCO has dealt with), but it in fact did so in all others pretty equally.” (- Sofie)
For more information visit Model European Parliament Estonia.

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